Idan Amedi

Idan Amedi

(Born on February 19, 1988, 1st of Adar 5748) he is an Israeli singer-songwriter, musician, composer, lyricist, and actor.

Amadi was born and raised in the city of Jerusalem, where he lived until completing his military service, which he did as a combat soldier in the tour division of the 603rd Combat Engineering Corps.

Amadi specializes in various martial arts, including taekwondo and Thai boxing. Before his military service in 2005, he won the title of Israeli Taekwondo Vice Champion.


Amadi’s journey as a singer and creator began at the audition for “Kochav Nolad” in which Amadi performed the song “Soldiers’ Pain”, a song he wrote and composed himself about his experiences as a soldier during his military service in the Combat Engineering Corps in the touring department. In that season, Amadi made it to the final and finished second.

Upon the conclusion of the “Kochav Nolad” season in 2010, the song “Soldiers’ Pain” was released as Amadi’s first single to radio stations, and it reached first place in various song charts in Israel, including Galgalatz and Network Gimel’s charts.
On January 23, 2011, another single from the first album, called “Tashlich”, was released.
In May 2011, Amadi released the song “Run to the Light”. This song also had great success, reaching the top of the song charts.

On September 5, his first full album, called “Idan Amadi”, was released. A short time before it, Amadi released another single, “Elayich”, which also enjoyed success on radio stations and listening charts.


In February 2013, Amadi’s second album, “Bazman Ha’acharon”, was released. The two singles that preceded the album, “Nigmar” and “Dvarim Yafim Lir’ot”, were successful and reached the top of various song charts. Close to the album’s release, another single, “For Some Reason”, was released.
In this album, Amadi continued his collaboration with the producers of his first album, Itamar Meiri and Eitan Raz.

In August 2013, Amadi’s second album, “In Recent Times”, achieved gold album status.

The song “Nigmar” won the title “Song of the Year” in the annual song chart of Network G for the year 5773, thereby giving Amadi two wins in this title. Amadi also won the title “Singer of the Year” in this chart.

“Nigmar” is a song that Amadi wrote during his military service, and it tells the mosaic of Israeli society around Operation “Cast Lead” in which Amadi participated as a combat commander in the Combat Engineering Corps.


In October 2014, Amadi’s debut single (“Kol Zikaron Yashan”) was released from his third album, “Ratzinu Lihyot”. The song, written about Amadi’s memories and past in the Nachlaot neighborhood, the Kurdish neighborhood at his grandparents’ house on Eliyahu Salman Street, was like his other songs, written and composed by Amadi, and stayed a whole month at the first place in Galgalatz’s chart. The song was dedicated to Amadi’s grandfather, who was one of the builders of Jerusalem and passed away on Jerusalem Day Memorial.

In January 2015, the second single from the album, “Menasim”, which was also written and composed by Amadi, was released. The song combines singing in Hebrew and Arabic as one. Three years later, a revised version of the song became the theme song of the second season of the television series “Fauda”, in which Amadi plays Sagi.

As part of this album, Idan performed a duet with his brother Elad for the song “Yah Ribbon Olam”.

On May 17th of that year, the album “Ratzinu Lihyot” was released, which was musically produced by Tom Cohen.


On March 14, 2016, Amadi released the first single from his fourth album, called “Helek Mehazman” as the name of the album, which he originally wrote for singer Rita. The song reached seventh place in Galgalatz’s annual chart for 2016, and also garnered tens of millions of views on various platforms.

Two more singles were released from the album “Helek Mehazman” (Until the Next Day Rises, Now Everyone Is Dancing), until it was released in January 2017.

In March 2017, about two months after the release of the album “Helek Mehazman”, it achieved gold status for the sale of 20,000 copies.

In January 2018, the album achieved platinum status for the sale of over 40,000 copies. Amadi went on a tour in cultural halls across the country.
The album “Helek Mehazman” placed Amadi in the forefront of artists in Israel and actually represented the peak of success until then.

In 2018, he won first place in “The Soldiers’ Parade for the 70th Year” of Galgalatz and Walla! NEWS with the song “Soldiers’ Pain”. In the summer of that year, he performed for the first time at Caesarea Amphitheater.

In January 2019, Amadi released the single “What Do You Feel” which is the first single from his expected fifth album, and in June he released “I Want”.


By May 2020, Amadi had released “From Here to There” and “Remembering Almost Everything”, additional singles leading up to the release of his fifth album.

In August 2020, Amadi released the single “Soon the Skies Will Open”, which he wrote during the Coronavirus period and is a song of encouragement for the period. The song was produced by Amadi together with the duo Guy and Yahel.

In December 2020, he participated in the musical project “Thirsty” and performed the tune “Adon Haslichot” of Georgian Jewry, arranged and produced by Naor Carmi.

In February 2021, he released the single “Look Me in the Eyes”, which he wrote and composed. The arrangement and production were done together with Stav Nahmias. In the music video, Idan appears alongside Riff Naman and Tomer Makhluf. The song is recorded alongside sentences in French.

In August 2021, he released the duet “A Place for Both of Us” with Greek singer Malou, accompanied by a clip filmed in Israel and Greece. The arrangement was done together with Stav Nahmias and Shimon Yichia.


Amadi began 2023 with a climb to Mount Kilimanjaro (the highest mountain on the African continent), along with three kidney donors in order to raise awareness of kidney donations in Israel, in a journey that was documented and broadcast on the “Friday Studio” program on Channel 12.

On January 9, 2023, the song “Elef Shanim” was released, which he wrote and composed for singer Metsada Eish Yemini.

That same month, the fourth season of the international series “Fauda”, starring Amadi, was aired.

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